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Proudly serving Yakima County

The Vision

Few industries are developing as quickly as the technology sector and it can be difficult for small business owners such as yourself to stay on top of it all with all of your other responsibilities. We want to take all of that work upon ourselves and help local small and medium-sized businesses reach their full potential. We share a passion for technology and want to be the driving force of database applications in Yakima County.

This is home

Weston grew up in the Yakima Valley his whole life, graduating from Zillah High School and he is proud of that fact. He wants to see the Yakima area thrive, by creating new websites for business and enhancing their ability to track and learn from their data, he hopes to help the local economy grow. My family and friends live here, I am invested in this place, and I am invested in you.
Weston Argo

Weston Argo

Head Developer / Founder

My name is Wes Argo and I am the original founder of Pacific Crest Web and Data. I am here for your database needs. I have experience building databases and I have a passion for writing code. My experience lies mainly in Rapid Application Development for desktops and querying SQL databases, but I also have experience in a variety of other web technologies and development. I have developed databases ranging from inventory management to online job tracking. And don’t worry, I am bilingual in both English and computer! Check out my LinkedIn profile for more info!

We are successful when you are. It's as simple as that.

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